Anne Silverstrand Forest

Anne Silverstrand Forest genomineerd voor Victoriefonds Cultuurprijs Visuele Kunsten

Kunstuitleen Utrecht: Een kijkje in het atelier van: Anne Forest

Film by Peter-Paul van der Houven for his artist platform ART FOREVER on the occasion of the upcoming exhibition 'Schepsels & Creaturen' at Kunstliefde.
Language: Dutch

Footage of a talk I gave at Kunstliefde during the exhibition Schepsels & Creaturen about how my work is influenced by being the daughter of American immigrants and growing up in the Russian-Orthodox church.

Film by Patty Morgan for their blog.
"We went to visit Anne Silverstrand Forest again and made a video to make up for that one time we went to visit her to make a video but forgot our sounds! Thank you Anne for being a patient sweetheart."
Language: English

Film by Patty Morgan for their blog, first attempt ;)
"We went to see the lovely Anne Silverstrand Forest & Mr Future to interview her in her studio but in all the excitement we forgot a little something."
Language: English(-ish)

Film by Het Langhuis on the occasion of the solo 'Totem' I had there in 2015.
"Exclusive interview with artist Anne Silverstrand Forest about her exhibition Totem. Anne Silverstrand Forest has been nominated twice for the prestigious Royal Award for Modern Painting."
Language: Dutch

Film by Het Langhuis on the occasion of the opening of my solo 'Totem' and the reopening of Het Langhuis in Zwolle.
Language: Dutch

Promo film about Het Langhuis in Zwolle, featuring some views of the exhibition 'Totem'.
Language: Dutch

Have a listen to a conversation about my work between my parents, Jim and Nancy Forest and me. Recorded live during the third edition of Unfair Art Fairin 2016, this podcast episode is a collaboration between Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, Unfair Amsterdam, Patty Morgan and Mister Motley.
Language: predominantly English

Moments before the first edition of Unfair Art Fair opened the Amsterdam news-station AT5 dropped in for a look and a chat...
Language: Dutch

Just a little introduction to me and my work...
Language: English